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Our Goal: Helping people clear the first hurdle to a job!

Our advice has benefited 1,000,000+ job seekers globally!


So do you know how you sound on the phone?

Do you know what companies are looking for in phone interviews?
Can you sound enthusiastic and passionate over the phone?
Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Our data-driven 250+ point evaluation is the world’s only patent pending phone interview evaluation system.
“The Essential Phone Interview Handbook” is a #1 seller on Amazon and has been featured worldwide in the WSJ, Fortune, CNBC, CNN Money, and many, many more!

We will teach you all the widely unknown skills which can make or break your phone interview!
– How to prepare, what to say, and when to say it?
– How to establish your professional presence over the phone?
– How to get to the next step?

Let’s put it this way: At some point, you will receive a call from a potential employer! In today’s highly-competitive and digital job market – more and more companies are using phone interviews for everything from scheduling to preliminary screenings to full interviews. We want to make sure you’re ready!

While many organizations offer support for resumes, interview preparation, and target company research, there is shockingly little knowledge and support for telephone interviews…except us!

With the world’s only patent pending phone evaluation system and our #1 book on Amazon – Everything we do is to help you say hello to your dream job!